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                  department :Sales Department                     Nature: Sales Engineer

                Working place: Jinniu District, Chengdu               Number: 6

                Post duties:

                1、According to the relevant requirements and standards of the company, expand the industry market, improve the number of customers and quality of the industry, carry out the sales activities of the industry or industry channels, strive for orders, complete the sales and return tasks;

                2、Establish and maintain good customer relationship and establish positive and positive brand image.

                3、Carry out customer service and care activities (consultation, quotation, etc.), handle customer complaints, consolidate and enhance customer relationship and customer satisfaction;

                4、Expand the industry market and improve the quantity and quality of the customers.

                5、Collect and analyze industry market and customer information, submit all kinds of special reports, reports and materials in time.

                Post requirements:

                1、Not limited to men and women, academic qualifications, Mandarin, marketing, communications, computer and other related specialties, with WORD, EXCEL, PS, CDR, CAD basic operation knowledge;

                2、More than two years sales experience, experience in safety industry and driver's license is preferred.

                3、Have strong self-study ability and market development ability, strong sense of teamwork and execution, honest and credible, humble, respecting old and young, hard work, strong responsibility and strong compression ability.

                4、Great affinity, good grasp of interpersonal relationship.

                Fringe benefits:

                Base salary + commission, packet lunch, year-end bonus, performance bonus, birthday welfare, year-end welfare, company tourism, transportation subsidy, social insurance, national legal holiday.


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